Wheel powder coating

Powder coating can be defined as the process of coating metals (particularly in wheels) in order to protect them and to make them last longer. The end result has a glossy plastic finish to it, which looks really nice on cars wheels. In fact, powder coating is a lot better than traditional liquid coating because the former does not harm the environment, is easier to style with and is also more convenient to work with because it is not runny. A good powder coating job will last you for years thus it is a good investment, so you should start comparing powder coating prices immediately!

Vehicle wheels require powder coating in order to be functional. Moreover, this type of coating also makes the wheel look more appealing. Certain types of powder coats can also serve as effective corrosion barriers. Thus, this technique is particularly useful for vehicles used in architectural and marine industries, wherein the wheels are in constant touch with water. There is a wide range of powder coats to choose from, therefore you can select the texture, gloss and colour that appeals to you the most. Of course you also need to keep in mind that the powder coating prices will also vary depending upon the style and finish you choose.

During the process of powder coating, powder is applied to the metal wheels and then baked in order to transform the powder into a fluid state so that it can bond to the surface of the metallic portions of the wheel. Powder coating cannot be performed on the entire wheel, only certain areas can be powder coated therefore, it is important to educate yourself about the Do's and Don'ts associated with this process in order to end up with an impressive end result. Since powder coating is thicker than liquid paints therefore it cannot be carried out on all parts of the wheels because certain parts may not go back together after you're done powder coating them.

Thus, it is essential to follow the technique of masking in order to cover the areas that do not need to be powder coated. Only the front and the back portion of the wheel have to be powder coated with the help of a powder coating gun. It is not advisable to coat the area of the wheel that would be covered by tire as it will make the area thicker, so it will be more difficult to fit the tire over it. Moreover, it is also a waste of material (powder) to coat this area. It is also advisable to not coat the bolt hole lest it would make it difficult to thread the bolt in. 

There are also certain electrical parts that should not be powder coated as it would not conduct electricity, thus making it difficult to function. Thus, for parts such as alternator or starter, it should be masked and not powder coated entirely in order to prevent connections from being blocked. If required, one can take advice from an expert in order to ensure that the wrong parts are not coated.

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